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The Tourist Information Centre, Bayeux.

The Tourist Information Centre is in the centre of town just over the road from the
Winston Churchill Hotel on the Rue Saint Jean.

The phone number for the Info. Centre is : 02 31 51 28 28
(International code for France 0033)

At the back of the Information Centre is this street and waterwheel... where the stream goes to, I don't know but it's very picturesque.

The Cathedral Notre-Dame on the Rue Lambert Leforestier is as beautiful
inside as it is outside and well worth a visit. 

Another "must" to see is the famous Bayeux Tapestry at the nearby Centre Guillaume Le Conquerant on the Rue De Nesmond.  

Saint Patrick's Hall at the corner of Saint Patrick's Square on the Rue du Marche' and the fountain in Saint Patrick's square. There is a very good market held here every Saturday
morning from 8 am until 12 noon.

This photo and the following five were taken about 4pm on a Sunday afternoon
 in September, most of the shops were closed and the town was quiet.
The photo's give an idea of the narrowness of the streets and
"quaintness" of a typical French town.  

Walking down the Rue Saint Martin towards the town centre, you come to this wood battened building, (left hand picture) turn right and go up the street, Rue Des Cuisiniers towards the cathedral and you will find an Italian Restaurant, Le Florentin  on the left hand side about 100 metres up, try it, the food is excellent.

Another wood battened building.
 There are quiet a few buildings of this type in the town. 

The pavement style cafe's shown in these two photo's are typical of French towns.
You can buy a beer, wine, tea, coffee or a soft drink at any time of the day.
Cooked meals are available at many of them too. 

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